Who We Are

We are here to help you:

We understand how difficult it is to shift homes. We have been helping thousand so families in shifting their base from one home to another and even from one state to another and believe us we know what kind of strength it takes to be uprooted form a place and to be able to start anew.

It needs a lot of courage and also patience. And when you are moving bags and parcels, you cannot afford to be lackadaisical or even laid back. You have to out your act together and pull it off like a pro.

When time is a constraint:

We understand how stressful it is to shift especially when you are time bound; work to be attended and schools. So, we give you a complete commitment as to how much time we will take in order to help you move in.

Our packages:

We have packages to suit every kind of moving work and budget. Our package include packing the stuff in the cardboard boxes; packing and moving them; only moving them and packing them, then moving them to the new home and unpacking them and helping to arrange in the new place.

Our work estimate:

As a policy, we call upon our clients to personally check and verify on the details of the things to be moved. Also, the minute details of the moving may be communicated to the client and the date of the moving can be fixed. Additionally, we recommend that the client also enters into a contract with us. The contract will chalk out the date and the time that we will call on the client and also the exact committed date as to the delivery of the stuff.

Act of God concessions:

We shall try our level best to maintain our time commitments bit on case of emergencies or the acts of god the consequence of which is outside our scope will be one of the main reasons of our non fulfillment.